Playtimes April 2014 - page 45

Adults: $30
Children and students: $15
Children under three years: Free
Opening time
Open: 10am to 5pm every day
except Tuesday.
Accessible by MTR West Rail and
Light Rail, Bus and Minibus, and
parking is available for private cars
is home to thousands of native species
of trees and plants with impressive
blooms, like the Hong Kong Orchid
Tree, the emblem of Hong Kong.
But a theme park this is not.
Children are asked to refrain from
running and shouting. Visitors are
even advised to avoid wearing brightly
coloured clothing, which could
distract or frighten off birds.
Connecting with nature is not
always easy for kids growing up in
Hong Kong, and studies have found
children who are distanced from
nature will devalue the environment.
The Hong Kong Wetland Park is one
place they can have fun while learning
and growing a green conscience. It’s
also a peaceful respite for Mum and
Dad, without maddening queues and
deafening shouts, and my husband
noted that, most pleasingly, we weren’t
forced to schlep through the gift shop
on the way out.
Photos: Katrina Shute
April 2014
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