Mum-of-two Louise Kane Buckley was perplexed
when her daughter didn’t take to potty training in the way
she’d hoped. Eva, an alert little girl who was considered
advanced in her development, just couldn’t seem to
communicate a desire to go. Like many, Louise had felt a
certain pressure to begin training and brought a potty into
the house when Eva was one. By gradually introducing
her to the potty’s uses, Louise was able to coax Eva to go,
but found she’d never take the initiative by herself.
Diapers-off days wrought many
accidents. “She’d pee all over
the house because she just
didn’t realise. I’d ask why
she’d done a poo and she
was just nonplussed,”
Louise recalls. “I got
frustrated because
she was so bright
and so articulate in
other ways.”
April 2013