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Hong Kong’s humid environment means mould can
play havoc in our homes. Rather than use a caustic
product, reach for
All-Natural Mould Eliminator
comes in an easy-to-use spray. The chlorine-free, non-
caustic product costs $219, and is suitable for tiles, walls,
wood and plastic. Simply spray the disinfectant on to
the affected area and wipe down thoroughly with a
damp cloth. For long-term mould prevention, use Mould
Stop, or apply All-Natural Anti-Mould paint on walls
for permanent mould prevention. This German-made
natural range of anti-mould products is stocked at
We all know children learn best when they
are doing, seeing and feeling.
Make Your Own Recycled Paper for
Greeting Cards
has everything your own
junior greenie needs to create unique
paper from your home recycling bin,
including a pine papermaking frame, craft
glue and a brush, coloured tissue paper,
foil confetti, leaf skeletons, a pulp strainer,
glitter and instructions. Encourage your
kids to go green, get creative and make
their own unique cards and gift paper.
Learn more at
Neal’s Yard Remedies
the UK’s first
certified organic health and beauty
brand, is now in Hong Kong! The
spacious store is handily situated in
Soho and has a private treatment area
where a dedicated therapy room offers
exclusive treatments, designed to help
combat our hectic city lives. Workshops
are also available, allowing customers
to see exactly what goes into their
products by creating them from scratch
including lip balms, bath oils, hair care
and massage oils). The brand has also
introduced a men’s range for guys
interested in more natural and organic
grooming. Visit the shop at 65 Hollywood
Road, Central.
As the world’s largest producer of wooden
toys, Hape is clearly dependent on the
use of natural materials. Among their eco
wooden toys is the
Lower Case Alphabet
$210. Hape’s wide range of bamboo
toys takes advantage of the special
properties of this highly renewable material.
Even the plastic parts are durable enough
to last for generations to encourage toys
to be passed down rather than tossed out.
Check out the eco-friendly toys at