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We asked: Some say summer is a time for kids to relax; some worry about summer “brain drain” and
use the time off from school for extra tuition. What do you think?
t’s both: Kids can’t sit around for two months doing nothing, or
they’ll drive themselves crazy (and their family members, too).
Instead, I use the time for activities they can’t do so much of during
school term: a particular sport they like, going for longer play
dates/sleepovers, and some carefree days for lounging around with
a book. It’s the time to be with friends and family without the rush of
school, homework and normal day-to-day responsibilities. –
ummer is a time for kids and their families to relax
and bond. We alternate years: one year we’ll
go on holiday, and the next we’ll do Mandarin,
swimming and soccer camps. –
t just seems sometimes parents are so obsessed
with getting the “best” for their kids that they
forget that children should have a childhood. Let
them enjoy their summer – there’s more to life than
grades. –
ummer is not a time of brain drain, but a time to foster
multiple intelligences: choose an activity your
child is interested in that they cannot
do at school. Make it fun
and, even better, do it together
to strengthen family bonds. Most
important for our expat family is
to connect with extended family
outside Hong Kong. When we do this,
my children’s self-confidence, identity,
language and emotional well-being
improve. –
ummer is for adventure and to
experience things you’ve never
done before – new or different
activities, places, food and more.
In Hong Kong, we really need a change of
pace after the hectic schedules of term-
time. Work hard, then play hard. –
ummer is definitely a time for taking it easy. Sports camps and
learning fun new skills, such as cartooning, are themost I would send
my child to do. Everyone needs downtime, even children. –
ummer is the season to stay cool and relax,
enjoying lots of fun and playtime. I think
extra classes are a big no-no, unless they
show you a better way to play! In Hong
Kong, kids have studied enough during the school
year. –
or our little family, summer
symbolises swimming
pools, beaches and
staying half-naked in our flat.
t is really frustrating
to hear that a lot of
people think that
formal education is
the only way kids learn.
Summer is a great time to
do some family activities,
like travelling, visiting
museums, exploring new
things, wandering in
nature, etc. –
t’s always good to
maintain a balance
of academics and
relaxation or fun. Kids,
like us, value their fun time
more if it’s balanced with
some classes or academics.
Classes for the summer can
be taught in a fun way too,
especially for the younger
kids. –
m pretty lucky that both my daughters
LOVE school! The girls are registered
in their favourite subjects this summer,
so I’m working on their strengths. The
programmes are only in the mornings, so
they have their afternoons free for family
and friends. –
he kids have worked all year studying, so it’s like a reward,
and I’m lucky that I get to take the summer off with them.
But I agree that we still need to maintain some studying
especially the areas my child struggles with – or when
they start school in September it’s harder for them to keep
up. But, other than that, summer is a time for them to
have different fun-filled adventures. –
e love summer.
It’s the best
time to enjoy
greenery, sun
and the beach, and we can
travel light anywhere – there’s
no need to worry about not
having enough clothing or
it getting dark early. The
kids learn things outside the
classrooms. –
am from the
old school and
believe that
children should
have fun during
summer! –