The Singing Mermaid
by Julia Donaldson
The singing mermaid is tempted away
from her home to join the circus. The
audiences love her, but she soon longs to
return to her home in the sea.
Available from Pollux Books
Maisy Goes on Holiday
by Lucy Cousins
Maisy enjoys packing her suitcase, then
meeting Cyril at a busy station and
catching a train to the seaside, where
they have lots of fun.
Available from Pollux Books
A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
by Jessica Law
Based on the traditional cumulative
song, each verse introduces a new sea
creature and its place in the food chain.
A sing-along CD is included.
Available from Paddyfield
Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to
Serious Fun
by Joshua Glenn and Elizabeth Foy
This book is crammed with activities for
kids, including: building a tepee, learning
to knit, filming a stop-motion movie, and
editing your own music.
Available from Fishpond
Hong Kong Sticker Book for Children
Prepare for exploring this summer with
this book’s information about Hong
Kong’s history, geography, climate and
economy, as well as local recipes and
Available from Tiny Footprints
Things to Make and Do
by Fiona Watt
This activity book is brimming with ideas for
keeping busy this summer. Easy instructions
describe how to create drawings,
paintings, collages and 3Dmodels.
Available from Booklodge