chool’s out, days are long and
the temperature’s scorching.
Welcome to summer in Hong
Kong. For the many families
spending at least part of the summer
here, those long weeks between terms
can feel as stifling as the humidity
outside. What to do, where to go,
and how to keep the kids occupied
are common questions. If, like most,
you’ve scoured the web and spoken to
friends but are still coming up short
Think you’ve seen all Hong Kong has to offer the
kids? Think again and rediscover the city through
themed activities that will help you keep your cool
this summer, writes
Elle Kwan
Themed for the season
Take a peek at these plans for inspiration.
Theme: Petrifying Pirates!
Why not go on a hunt for pirate’s treasure at pirate Cheung Po Tsai’s
cave on Cheung Chau Island, suggests Mio Debnam, author of the
Hong Kong
Treasure, like gold coins, to bury, pirate hats or eye patches to dress
up. Wrap up a packed lunch in a handkerchief.
Research Hong Kong’s infamous Cheung Po Tsai pirate, and
plan your route to the caves where he hid his own treasures. Use books to
find out about other real-life pirates.
Get children to create a “wanted” poster. According to level, you can
provide a template with words or let them design the whole poster. Stick
them up once they are finished.
Children can make their own imaginary treasure
map, or follow a map to uncover (pre-prepared) buried treasure. Make a
map of your local area, and chart how you’d reach a relative overseas by boat
using a globe or world map.
for new places to discover, it may be
time to revisit the past.
Experts say Hong Kong can
be seen in a whole new way with a
tool teachers normally use: theming.
Linking themes and activities really
helps parents plan and prepare the
supplies required for an activity,
which takes away the stress and allows
them to enjoy the activity and time
with their kids,” says Julie Stockdale,
former kindergarten teacher and