fter almost 16 years’ living in
Asia, this Australian couple,
with their two children,
aged six and eight years,
have settled into a four-storey Hong
Kong rental and made it more than a
temporary base.
As long as we are together, we
can make a home anywhere,” the
householder says. You sense their travels
Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta and the US,
just to name a few – in their aesthetic.
For them, living in a luxurious hotel setting
that could carry off a child-friendly
practicality was important. Throughout
the home, wonderful art and beautifully
proportioned pieces of furniture stand
out against the clean lines. Fresh jasmine
is draped over artefacts and a clever mix
of rather distinctive styles and different
cultural influences is all surprisingly calm
and welcoming.
The spacious entertainment area
allows the family of four to combine
dining with the children’s play zone. “It is
very social and a fun space to hang out
with friends and family,” the householder
Summer 2013