both of the teams’ performance in the
melting conditions. At full time the only
thing more welcome than when all the
exhibition medals were presented were
ice packs being passed around!
Head coaches Robbie Knight and
Paul White, who managed the respective
teams, brought the very best that mini
rugby offers out of these young ladies:
teamwork, confidence, fitness, ball
skills, resilience, good manners and
Since two of these fine players
happen to have parents involved with
this magazine, the
decided to have a little fun and treat
some of the girls to an afternoon that
sure was different from the rugby pitch!
Turn the page to see six of these fierce
players step into a different role – that
of headband-wearing, flapper-esque
girlie girls – to show off the latest, on-trend
Gatsby-inpired looks for pre-teens. As
the photos show and the rugby match
results prove, these young ladies can do
anything they set their minds to with style,
grace and success!