Dr Nicolette Ray
Nicolette grew up in the UK and by age seven had
already decided to pursue medicine, eventually
qualifying as a family doctor in London. During her studies,
nutrition, weight loss and emotional health evolved as particular interests and
became intertwined as Nicolette realised that so many of those who wished to
lose weight struggled with their dependency on food and poor body image.
As a result, she created Love Food Live Life (
as a place to turn for those who wished to move away from emotional eating
and improve their relationship with food. Nicolette married her high school
sweetheart, Raj, and is a besotted mum to Ravi, 13, and Indira, nine. She
loves Hong Kong, the wisdom of yoga, and teaching medical students at the
University of Hong Kong (HKU).
Laura Miller
Growing up in Cape Town with three younger
brothers meant that Laura couldn’t help but be a
tomboy. Climbing trees, playing cricket and making
dirt roads for Dinky cars in the backyard were
favourite pastimes – although she still made time to try
on her mother’s shoes whenever possible. She finally
grew her hair longer while doing a master’s degree in
linguistics at Stellenbosch University, where she also met her future husband,
Rob. Ten years on in Hong Kong and she is now proud mum to Lexie and
Charlie, and runs her own writing/editing business “Miller Works”.
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