h, summer in Hong Kong: when your fantasy of
warm and sunny
days bumps up
against the reality of the humid, rainy days that this city’s summers are famous for. As I write
this, it seems like it’s already been raining for ever, but I’m still optimistic (fingers crossed)
that by the time you’re
reading this issue
the sun will have made its long-overdue appearance.
For those of you who will be spending your summer – or at least part of it – here in Hong Kong, we’ve
got some ideas for days out that are both
fun and enlightening
If you think you’ve already seen
and done all that the city has to offer, be sure to check out Elle’s article about using “theming” to see
old favourites
in a new light. And since everyone will already be feeling a bit soggy, either from the
rain or the humidity, why not double-down and have some watery fun? Laura and Aquin offer ideas for
swimming lessons, surf camps, sailing schools and more. And for you mums who are put off by the idea
of squeezing into a swimsuit, be sure to check out Nicolette’s tips for finding ways to
enjoy yourself
today, while making plans to be fitter tomorrow.
As excited as I am about the summer and my own impending travels and family visits, it’s with
sadness that I tell you that
our beloved
art director Timmy Ho will be moving on to his next
adventure this month. Timmy has been setting the artistic vision and designing
gorgeous layouts
for five years. And not only is he a wonderfully talented designer, he’s also been a true
delight to work with – the kind of person who always greets you
with a smile
who’s always eager
for a laugh, and who works incredibly hard without taking himself too seriously. I will miss him dearly, but
know that he will excel in his next position and achieve great things. The entire team at
like to thank him and wish him only the best.
Thanks for reading,
Tracey Starr, Editor-in-Chief
Tracey and models Isabel, Natasha, Olivia, Sofie, Anna and Caroline