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ndonesia is a string of 17,000
islands, with one of the last
rainforests in the world and
a record number of native
animals and plants. Its biodiversity,
the gentleness of its people and their
love of children make it a perfect
destination for families seeking
to experience ecotourism. While
you probably already know about
the island of Bali, there are two
alternative islands that have lots in
store for travelling families.
The orang-utans of Sumatra
Sumatra, one of the biggest islands
and located at the edge of the
Indonesian archipelago, is the place
to visit if your children are fascinated
by orang-utans. These intriguing
creatures, whose name means “person
of the jungle” in Malay, can be found
on the northern side of the island.
The trip starts in Medan, the
capital of North Sumatra. From the
airport, itʼs easy to find a private car
and driver to make the comfortable,
two-hour trip to Bukit Lawang.
This picturesque little town is
built on both sides of the Bahorok
April 2014
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