Playtimes April 2014 - page 96

picture is an ancient mosaic, it is actually a mesmerising digitally
manipulated mix of semi-precious stones and pebbles, which
adds a strong statement to the room.
Sarah went to Annie Gunnersen from In House Concepts
for more detailed interior help with the apartment. Floor-to-
ceiling bi-fold doors open out from the open-plan living and
dining space to a welcoming balcony, and all around are oak
bench seats. The view of Repulse Bay beach is pretty good, too!
A colour palette of natural pastel greys, with a hint of fuchsia
and aubergine in the textured cushions, creates a relaxing
atmosphere for the couple to simply settle back and savour
the beautiful, expansive views, or go all out and entertain in.
For home furnishings, Sarah favours Lane Crawford interiors,
Bowerbird and Tequila Kola.
Although Sarah particularly loves her apartment’s easy
accessibility to all the quirky laneways filled with stores selling
practically everything and all the vibrancy of this fast-paced
city, which she never tires of exploring, she and Andrew have re-
designed a character-filled and warm space that offers gentle
respite from the non-stop hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. And
for now, it is home.
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