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s I sit here writing this,
spring appears to have sprung
, and it hasn’t come
a moment too soon! I always struggle with the rainy, dreary days of March in Hong Kong,
though it’s getting a bit easier, now that I know what to expect. I remember arriving here
the last week of February, five years ago – gosh, can it possibly have been five years already? –
from Bangkok, where we’d seemed to have enjoyed three years straight of
, and then not seeing the sun again for what seemed like an eternity. Had we
made a huge mistake? Would the sun ever shine here?
Of course, I know now that April comes, ushering in some truly glorious spring days –
moderate temperatures, reasonable humidity and quite a bit of sun. I’m cautiously optimistic that,
by the time you’re reading this, spring will be in full force. I’m not packing the space heaters away
for the season yet, but I’m hopeful.
So, to celebrate, we’ve brought you articles to get you back in the mood for
play and exploration
. Studies show kids benefit from getting outdoors, but I bet you
don’t need studies to tell you how happy your kids are to
hit the beach
the sandbox,
any patch of green
where they can get their hands dirty and really let loose – their
squeals and smiles
tell that tale pretty clearly.
Do you have a little naturalist in your family?
Inside, you’ll learn how
and why to encourage that behaviour, even when it means occasionally welcoming the outdoors in.
Are you looking for a
family-friendly holiday
that allows you to explore jungles and rain
forests? We’ve got it covered, along with lots of other stories.
Please read on if you’re ready to celebrate spring, too.
Thanks for reading,
Tracey Starr, Editor-in-Chief
Tracey and model Jonah
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