Our experience in corporate publishing is extensive, with many of the world’s leading financial institutions and multinational companies as our clients.

At P3, we pride ourselves on strict production oversight, keen editorial attention, and beautiful design to fulfill both the practical needs and creative ambitions of our clients.

We have produced bespoke publications, custom products, targeted periodicals and multimedia initiatives on a variety of topics—from financial and technical to cultural and historical—for a range of platforms.

Whether you’re a global corporation, charitable foundation, educational institution or a local business, P3 is here to help: to design your data, promote your message and, ultimately, tell your story.

We have produced custom products and corporate gifts, periodicals and multimedia initiatives on various subjects, including:

Cash and Treasury

Corporate finance

property and investment

Private wealth management

supply chain and logistics

Custody and clearing

Shipping finance

regional macroeconomics

fund management

Equity research

Islamic architecture

city guides

enviroNmental preservation