Jeri Telstar Writing Competition 2013 was a great success with 640 entries from Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Thailand! Click here for details.

Click here for writing tips from Nury Vittachi.

Nury Vittachi’s schools tour in November was a great success! Nury visited 8 schools. Click here for details. Missed the chance to invite Nury to your school in November?  Please email to check if Nury is available on the date convenient for your school.

Jeri Telstar is a hero for today. Most superheroes solve their problems with their fists. But Jeri Telstar is known as The Homework Hero because he has learned an amazing secret: knowledge is power. And knowing stuff can make you the most powerful person in the universe. For more information on Jeri Telstar and his creator, Nury Vittachi’s books and school tours please contact

是时间开始阅读和写作了!Jeri Telstar 写作大赛开始啦! 点击这里查看详情。 Jeri Telstar是当今的英雄。大多数超级英雄用拳头解决问题,但Jeri Telstar以“作业英雄”著称,因他发现了一个惊人秘密:知识就是力量。而掌握知识能让你成为宇宙第一强人。 如欲了解更多Jeri Telstar及其创作者Nury Vittachi的资讯,请联系

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